​Sister Kitty Divine

​Sister Princess Alberta

​Sister Pinky Flamengo

Guard Taylor Maid

​Sister AnnaMae B Ezee

​Sister Psycho AnalEyez

Novice Members

​Sister Luna Glitter Tits

​Sister Mary Queen Ann Sober

Sister Glamour Puss

​Sister Norma Lee Intoxicated

​Sister Vitameatavegamin

Fully Professed Active Members

​Sister Hoot En Anny

​Sister Karla Kock Blocker

​Novice Guard Brimz Tone

​Sister Ivanna Manda Lei

​Sister Iona Whip

​Sister Finger Lickin' Good

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​​Emeritus Members

​Novice Sister Amora Dicken

Sister Traci Undercaffinated

​Guard Excala Bear